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About Us
Wright's Quarter Horses & Blue Valentine Headquarters is owned and operated by Don and Patti Jo Wright. Our goal is to preserve the bloodlines of Blue Valentine and Joe Hancock.

Our studs, mares, and foals have some of the highest, if not the highest, percent Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock blood available in the world. To go along with their high percent of blood, they have color, confirmation, and size. These horses will have enough bone and muscle to do a full days work, really watch a cow, or perform to the highest ability in the arena.

Our Family
Pictured from left to right: Don, Patti Jo, Calleigh Jo, Caylee, Dustin, and Greyson Wright

WQH News
CONGRATULATIONS, Scott & Kristie Tschida for your purchase of WRIGHTS MR ROJO LEO!!!!!
Thank you Robert and Mollie Gayle for your purchase of WRIGHTS LEO ROJO, WRIGHTS BERRY RIBBON, & WRIGHTS ROJO RIP!
Thank you Chuck Beasley for your purchase of WRIGHTS MISTY ROJO!
Thank you Alisha Hanson for your purchase of WRIGHTS PLENTY COUP! He will make a great addition to your program. Congratulations on your purchase!
Congratulations Ginger Duke!!! You and WRIGHTS MR BLUEHAYES are going to make an awesome team! I can’t wait to see you Roman riding with your two boys from BLUE VALENTINE HEADQUARTERS!
Thank you to Cody and Sarah LaFleur for your purchase of WRIGHTS MR ROJOHYDEL!
Thank you Stephanie Galiato and Allie Hammond for your purchase of 2 colts. I am sure they are going to be a hit in Cape Cod!
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